Eurovision 2016

CITYWEB produced the official app for the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm. The app is commissioned by SVT and was produced in cooperation with Shopman that handles accreditation. The app is used by all accredited delegations, crew, volunteers and journalists working with the event. This is the year when no less than 42 participating nations from Europe and Australia are making ESC2016 the world's largest music competition.

App, CMS, Design


The app was developed on behalf of SVT and is available for iPhone / iPad and Android. Its purpose is to administer all information on delegations, crew, volunteers and journalists during the 6-week event in Stockholm. All users need an accreditation and be assigned different read access in the app.


All content management is made by SVT through our own publishing platform Onclick CMS that has a built-in module for admin of the read access. We also built a number of completely new features in Onclick which made it possible for the app to run in "Airplane mode" - offline - through local storage of information in the app and synchronization of data between the app and the server.


We wanted the look of the app - to be very much "Eurovision Song Contest", and therefore we created UX, animation and other graphic design based on the existing graphic profile of the Eurovision Song Contest, but we still got the opportunity to design a lot in our own way. We also chose to create nine very simple and symmetrical icons as a main menu, leading to the various submenus.