Matpriskollen transfer all Swedish grocery store´s flyers to an app - every week. It groups the goods in the categories and the consumer gets quick and good overview of all the offers and can easily create shopping lists.

App, Integration, CMS


Since 2010, the company uses our technology platform Onclick CMS. Beside that we are behind the development of the main database application used by hundreds of customers in the Nordic region. In addition we developed the GUI used by the administrative staff at the company.


In December 2011, the first version of the app was launched for iPhone, developed by us. Shortly afterward we also released an Android version. At first nothing happened, but after two months the downloads at the App Store almost exploded, and around 7500 downloads was made every day. Today, several hundred thousand of users has downloaded it. A few years later the company was bought by Aftonbladet after which the development moved to another company but the system behind the platform is still the same as from the beginning.

The first version from 2011